Ahad, Februari 01, 2009

it's repeat

"saya dapat dari emel, anda mahu? beri emel anda.."

The grandchildren of holocaust survivors from world war 2 are doing to the palestinians exactly what was done to them by nazi germany

Building walls & fences to keep people in prisons

Check points not to allow people basic freedom of movement

Arrests & harassments

Destroying homes & livelihoods

Gifts (with love) from the children of peace-loving & civilized countries

The classic propaganda machine - you will find the picture in black & white in all american and some other western countries history books, encyclopaedias, libraries, museums… that depicts a young jewish boy with his hands up while nazi troops point their guns at him and his family in order to expel them from their homes… (it’s supposed to make you sympathize with the victims & to support their cause for justice & a homeland)

The israelis practice the same tactics

[ingatlah. andai saudara kita dihina dan disakiti, kita juga patut terasa sakitnya. tingkatkan ibadah dan iman kalian kepada Allah]

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arrabe' berkata...

banyakkan solat hajat dan doa.
untuk diri mereka dan diri kita sendiri.

D's noruaruwani berkata...

moga kita sentiasa dalam perlindungan dan keberkatanNYA... amin..

arrabe' berkata...


Ursley Devar berkata...

actually... since the gaza war started, i try to avoid all the news about the war! not because i haven't concern og gaza people! but the terrorism is really turn me down!! It really gonna ruin my day!!

may god give us peace and love