Rabu, Disember 16, 2009

alhamdulillah meningkat

"a piece of smile in my face"

wat day of today?
why so early?
am I wrong?

all result dis semester was publish.
nothing to say.
coz it is happen too fast .

may Allah bless me.
forgive me Ya Allah.
for all that I have done to u.
is not suitable for what have u given me.

precious to You.
la ila ha illallah.
there's no God except Allah.
alhamdulillah will keep in my tongue.

PNGS 3.5 above.
PNGK up 0.06 than last semester.
i need a greatest booster this last semester.
for free PTPTN and continuing my master.

may be my friend also get the best result.
better than me.
because they much greater study hard than me.
for non, keep studying and pray to Allah.
that's the key for muslim. amiin

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maya.sumaiyah berkata...


muhammad arrabe' berkata...

alhamdulillah. harap maya juga mampu lebih berjaya! usaha lebih k

aLiaFar berkata...

thniah coz dpt dekan.. :)