Isnin, Mei 14, 2012

my heart is getting sore

My heart is getting sore.
pain from various angles.
physical pain.
painful emotions.
spiritual pain.
Unfortunately, every pain has its cure.
but, why…
I always keep refusing.

My heart is getting sore.
physically pain.
sundries bodies do not work properly.
sometimes feel it beat very fast.
sometimes feel it beating slowly.
sometimes the body get healthy.
sometimes body get aches.
heart is no longer able to control the entire body.
it seems to be weak.
heart is no longer to pump blood throughout the body.
not able to stimulate liver metabolism in the body.
finally, the heart becomes weak.
thus, the body continues to be weak and vulnerable.
oh, is this the infinite future?

My heart is getting sore.
with deeply painful emotions.
This good feeling come for a while, and then blow away like a wind.
This heart is miserable.
restless heart.
this heart is not able to control emotions anymore.
continues to decline and sudden rising.
when the eyes see surrounding with the various modes.
and heart continues to capture hard incoherent.
the heart become emotional.
looked around with emotion of depression.
finally, chaotic heart.
thus, thought to be blind.
oh, is this the infinite future?

My heart is getting sore.
spiritual painful.
by lacking in remembering to The Inventor.
jaded heart.
tired heart.
tired with physical illness and emotions.
this led weaken of feel to work and worship.
the heart continues to this delirium.
delirium and finding that something is missing.
who knows where it disappeared?
farther away and far from my heart.
ultimately, this heart forget.
once, forget the Creator.
oh, is this the infinite future?

My heart is getting sore.
when physical and emotional controlling mine.
when spiritual is move aside.
physical pain, led this heart getting sore.
emotional pain, led this heart getting sore.
when both, the physical and emotional pain, spiritual also pain.
as the spiritual into third place in our hearts.
as it is not really important.
then, forgetting the will of the Creator easily.

First, spiritual.
second, emotion.
third, physically.
The first is the winner and a shield.
when the shield is fragile, effecting the second and third.
thus, the hearts broken easily.

My heart is getting sore.
but now I found the cure.
the cure to placing spiritual first in my heart.
spiritual is the champions and shield to the heart.
when the shield is strong and robust,
finally, the second and third will have no problems.
once, my heart becomes stronger and calm.
oh, is this the infinite future?
try first, you will realize this later…

p/s: this regard to my poem in 2010. I just translate it. click here to understand better in malay.

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