Jumaat, Februari 22, 2008

i hate chemistry...

i really dont know why???
maybe because the lecturer..
style of his teaching really bad..
but he is so clever... why??
how could him !!
when the lecture time, he usehe OHP, paper transparent with his nice handwriting.
full with his reaction. no note given, so, we need to copy all of his slide.
unfortunately, he really dissapointed me..
talking n giving explanation when we are rushing to write his note..
owh.. how can i understand !!
i cant do 3 work in 1 time...to see him n slide, to hear his explanation, and to write his note..
wow !!! i really love chem, but now...
but i respect him, respect to the time.
each second and minute he use it very well..
so hardworking man, but he cant do this to us..

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