Jumaat, Ogos 23, 2013

(Lord) guide us to the straight path.

"my friend have been revert to Islam, and I read her status in Facebook. I thought it was good to share it here for our reminder."

by Shobita Silvadas
Yesterday morning, after having my pre-dawn meal, I decided to rest before I could pray Fajr prayer. While I was resting, I was listening to music. As I closed my eyes, I saw images. When I opened my eyes, the images could only make half a sense.

It only made full sense after Fajr prayer. I’ll tell you why.

The image that saw: I was at sea in a boat without a row. I was experiencing raging sea. Directionless, helpless. The waves of the sea were rocking the boat really hard. What I am to do? What does that supposed to mean? It hit me. That was me and the life that I was living. Then, I was given a pair of row. Finally I thought I was saved. I survived the raging sea with a pair of row.Then, came the rapid waters. Knowing that I have a pair of row, I somehow managed the current of the water from different directions. After the rapid waters, the stream seemed calm, maybe too calm. I rowed not knowing where it leading me to. To my surprise, I was heading for a waterfall. I saw myself rowing backwards. I opened my eyes. Then I preceded with my Fajr prayers. While I was still praying the images was still in my head. Once I was done, I sat down to make Du’a.When I sat down, Allah, was trying to remind me of Surah Al-fatiha that I just recited. Ihdina alssirata almustaqeem (Lord) guide us to the straight path. Back to the Waterfall images in my head: With or without the row I am still going down the stream not knowing what is ahead of me. Will I survive the fall?? Then, Allah reminded me that I should let go and trust Him. When I closed my eyes, I saw myself falling down the stream. The boat was gone but I survived. It was as though, the moment I decided to trust Him, He put on me an invisible lifejacket.

 When I landed at the bottom, it was a smooth sailing stream. I am reminded that, when we recite : Ihdina alssirata almustaqeem (Lord) guide us to the straight path. We have to remember to always trust God no matter what is ahead of us.

Our journey to the straight path is not going to be an easy one. There’s always gonna be something like the waterfall which would come our way. Sometimes, it can be so difficult to even place a trust knowing that the hardship or whatever ahead of us is unknown. We so much want things to happen for us.

Things that we want. Beware that, things that we may want, might be the one that is side-tracking us from the straight path. So, sometimes, God have to place things like the waterfall, so that we learn to let go and trust Him instead.
It’s amazing how Allah can teach me all these just thru that one verse in Surah Al-Fatiha. He showed me there’s so much more to Surah Al-Fatiha than what it may seem.
So far, my journey with Allah has been a blessed one. Allah, You never failed to Amaze me. I am truly blessed.


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