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found this faith on my own

"my friend have been revert to Islam, and I read her status in Facebook. I thought it was good to share it here for our reminder."

Shobita Silvadas July 8
Dear Christian Brother/sister: My current faith and what I do is not of your business. I dunno what gotten into you, you seriously need to mind your own business. What business of your is it that you need to tell one of my family member about me and my current faith that I practice??

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody. – 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

A talebearer reveals secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit conceals the matter. Proverb 11:13

Clearly, you’re not even following what you’ve been taught in the bible. Well, I am ashamed of you. Whoever you are, I hope God will have mercy on you. For whatever misery that you have caused me & my family, I shall let God Avenge in His own time. I have the choice to curse you. But why am I not doing that? That’s because it wouldn’t make me any different than you.

If you’re truly man/women of faith, you would have minded your own business. You’re so close to destroying my life, you know that? If anything happens to me or my family because of this, I will hold you accountable. You will be answerable to God on the day of judgement. Whatever I do in my life has nothing to do with you, so why bother?? What do you gain from being a talebearer?? I live my life and you live yours. Whoever you are, you have no part in my life. You don’t deserve any form of respect from me for what you have caused me.

Dear Muslim brother/sister(in general): Do you not realize how beautiful Islam is? Do you know its because of your actions, its hard for ppl to know or understand how beautiful Islam is? You take what God permits to your own selfish advantage, etc. Let’s be a much better muslim than who we are right now. Allah has Given us the Quran, the only preserved Word of God which is not distorted. Lets preserve the word of Allah in our actions. If you wanna Dakwah to others and say that, the Scriptures of the People of the book (Jews,Christian) are distorted, well; first we have to proof that our actions reflect the Quran. What is the point saying that you’re a muslim who believes Allah & His word when our actions doesn’t reflect Him & His word?? We’ll be no different than them. Think about it!!

Malaysia : Proudly using the percentage 60% of muslims in the country means nothing when the actual believing & practicing muslims are much lesser than that. Using Islam as a political advantage is not something to be proud of. Look at the leaders of the nation for example. Are they doing what is commanded by Allah? Leaders, are those in power to influence & to change. Citizens look up to them. Are the Leaders of this nation doing what they are supposed to be doing? When they don’t, people loose trust & disrespects them. Especially when they are muslims, they disrecpect the religion all together because their action does not reflect the faith tht they are holding. How are the muslims suppose to Dakwah when the leaders of the nation does things that does not reflect the faith they hold?

My current faith that I believe in is being Questioned/tested by one of my family member right now. There’s just so much of rejection. Why? Its because of everything that is going on and the bad Impression because of the action brought forward by Muslim’s themselves. I know how beautiful Islam is because of the personal encounter that I went thru. I just completed my first 5 times of prayer in the past 2 days for the very first time. I saw the beauty of Worship.

Only I know what I felt when I went thru these experiences. Islam is beautiful in its own way. Only people who goes thru that spiritual experience will be able to understand. This is something that is hard to explain to ppl who has firewall in their head.

 I pray that Allah will have Mercy on me and help me with the struggle of explaining my faith to others.
 I pray that He will make things easier for me. May I learn to strengthen my faith thru this JIHAD.

 To everyone,
 • Do not interfere in my personal faith & family matter. Just be Happy for me. That is all I am asking. I am not a Muslim Scholar to answer all your ‘’Why”” questions.
 • I found this faith on my own. My faith has nothing to do with anything or anyone.
 • No one influenced me for that matter.
 • No, I do not have a muslim Boyfriend.

Christian Brother/sister,(whoever revealed it to one of my family member about my faith), Your action caused my Facebook to be hacked by my Malaysian brother in law. They came looking for me right at my door step, on Saturday night(after 7-8months of cutting of the family relationship). Went thru almost 2hrs of emotion stirring conversation, tears, guilt tripping moments etc.
Do I need to go thru that??
No, but I thank you that I don’t really have to hide my faith so much anymore. This will only make me stronger.

If anything happens to me or my family because of this, I will hold you accountable. You will be answerable to God on the day of judgement. Remember to reflect on what I have just said from the beginning. It’s a lesson for all. What i have just said is meant to clear the air not to offend anyone in particular. Thanks for understanding.

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